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As investors in high quality, trusted local journalism, local newspapers are playing an essential role in fighting fake news. By scrutinising local authority and holding power to account, local papers underpin democracy at a local level. This role is even more critically important in the run up to the general election on 8 June. Show your support during Local Newspaper Week by using the fast facts on trust in the UK and global media below, and downloading and using the LNW filler ads.

comScore – The Mediaforce Genesis Project 

Local media (52 per cent) is far more trusted by readers to provide relevant information about the local area than commercial TV (14 per cent), commercial radio (11 per cent), Google (six per cent) and social media (five per cent).

Consumer Catalyst, Think Media

Seventy-seven per cent of local media consumers agree that the content on UK local media websites is trustworthy.

comScore – The Mediaforce Genesis Project

Seven out of 10 respondents to a survey in Canada completely or mostly trust their newspapers, radio and television, but just 15 per cent do so for news acquired via social media.

Public Policy Forum

Professional news outlets are far more trusted than social media. Eighty-two per cent of people in a US survey trust news from local news organisations and 76 per cent from national organisations compared to 34 per cent for social media.

Pew Research Center 


Download the filler ads highlighting the high levels of trust placed in local media below and run them during LNW. 

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